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About Me

Hello. My name is Hannah.

For nearly two decades I have served in the local church in various roles including as youth pastor and more recently as an executive pastor. These roles have given me experience in raising and developing leaders, building healthy teams, working within the local community to build bridges towards the church and seeking to strategically find ways to develop various areas of church life.

I now serve churches across the country, helping Empower people, Coach and mentor leaders, bring Health to churches and partner to bring Organisational clarity.

I want to help churches E.C.H.O.

I am a passionate follower of Jesus and have a desire to see people grow deep in their relationship with God and to see them thrive in serving Him. I'm particularly passionate about seeing those with leadership potential gain confidence and live out their influence in positive ways in both the world around them and in the local church. 

'Your lives are echoing the Master's Word, not only in the provinces but all over the place.'
1 Thessalonians 1:7-8 (MSG)
Abstract Paper Craft
Gianni & Angela Gaeter
Church Planters

Hannah is very relational in approach, with her own life bedded in a wealth of  intentional relationships to secure accountability and remaining in a continual mentoring process adds to her well reflected and stable well being. Her ability to see the “big” picture in Church life and yet know how to train and mentor individuals and teams in various roles is quite outstanding.

Stewart Elman
AOG Leadership Development Operations Executive

Hannah has always stood out because of her passion, commitment and excellence in everything she does. She is outstanding in the area of developing and releasing leaders, both within a local Church context and nationally.

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