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The Library

I believe one of the ways we can grow as leaders is through reading

Let me introduce you to 'The Library'. Here is a collection of books I have read and reviewed. If you are looking for the next leadership book to read, feel free to take a browse.

Need some help to get into reading? Here are my 5 top tips to get you started.


Read a wide range of books on a wide range of topics - this stretches your brain and helps you grow. 


Read a chapter a day - set yourself a target especially if this is not something you're used to. 


Write out one takeaway from each chapter at the end of your daily read - this helps to ensure you have not just read and forgotten but have actually taken something in. 


Listen to audiobooks if reading is a challenge - this can work well if you are walking or on a long journey. 


Share what you have learnt with someone - as when you share something you have learnt it is far more likely to stick in your brain!

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