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Do you have an area of church that needs fresh eyes to identify a new strategy?

We will work alongside your staff member/team leader to help clearly identify where the department is at and what actions need to be taken to move the project or ministry forward.

We offer:

  • An assessment & report of the chosen department or area of church life.

  • A kick start to set up the project or develop an existing one.

  • Ongoing support for the duration of the project.

Personal Desk


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Aaron & Akua Berko
Pastors at New Life Church, Canterbury

Hannah's years of experience to the role started to make an impact from the first day she began working with us.  Her heart to see God's Kingdom built and potential released in believers is such a delight to experience.  What stood out for me was Hannah's ability to understand and connect with vision quickly.  Her ability and desire to listen and understand my heart as a leader is a gift I have rarely come across. 

Team Development
Team Meeting

Team Development

Do you have a team in your church that requires additional support to develop further?

We will work alongside you as the leader to understand your vision in order to help your teams to kick start a new area of ministry or revamp an old one by providing effective processes to grow and develop the team. 

We assist in:

  • Building healthy volunteer teams

  • Creating new teams

  • Improving existing teams

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chris and usha.png
Chris & Usha Scott
Pastors at The Bridge Church, Woodford

It has been such a great pleasure to have Hannah work with us over the last year or so particularly in mentoring and developing our youth leaders, and offering a fresh apostolic perspective to us as leaders at the Bridge. Hannah is a highly gifted and versatile leader who is always positive, practical and makes things happen. Her passion for Jesus, His mission, and His people shines through in all she does.

Mentoring & Coaching

Do you have a staff member or ministry leader who could benefit from some additional external support?

We develop a personalised growth plan to assist this person, helping them to identify areas to improve and how to move forward in their ministry.

We offer:

  • Development of young leaders

  • Coaching and mentoring of staff / team members

  • Coaching and mentoring of department heads / project leads


Mentoring & Coaching

Youth Ministry Consultancy
Pete Merry
Pastor at Pulse Church, Havering

Hannah has coached our Youth & Community worker, over a period of time, including helping her set up an after-school club, apply for funding, helping her think and operate more strategically, and generally help her prioritise and work in a more focussed way. We have benefitted enormously from this input, and by extension the church has been blessed.


Youth Ministry Consultancy

Do you have a youth ministry that requires additional support to develop further?

We will work alongside you and your Youth Pastor to understand their vision in order to help the youth ministry to grow and develop. 

We assist in:

  • Coaching and mentoring Youth Pastors

  • Youth team training

  • Review and report on your youth ministry

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