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From Dagenham to Africa with Love

The story of one woman's decision to say 'Yes' to Jesus

At the age of 16, Kathleen, a young woman from Dagenham, East London heard the call from God to ‘go’ and so began the process of preparing for life on the mission field.


Kathleen gave 34 years of her life to serve in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda when both countries were facing civil unrest. Kathleen tirelessly taught students, trained teachers, led building projects, set up schools and trained evangelists having an impact on thousands.


This book tells her story of a life committed to saying 'yes' to Jesus and following Him no matter the cost. My hope is that as you read Kathleen’s story, you too will be challenged to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus.

Hannah's book 'From Dagenham to Africa with Love' is available on Amazon and Kindle.


One woman's decision to say 'Yes' to Jesus


The Mordecai Method 

As church congregations are aging, it is vital that we take some strategic steps to intentionally develop young people - they are after all the future of the church! 

The Mordecai Method works through the Biblical book of Esther, looking at how one young leader was raised and released to impact the world she found herself in.


This book helps you begin to grow young leaders starting when they are teenagers. Looking at topics such as how to develop character, catch God's heart for our world and release young people to actively lead both in the church and their community.


With real life stories and practical advice woven through the story of Esther, you will be challenged to look around you and find the young people who have leadership potential. Then to actively seek to help prepare them to be an influence in our world.

Hannah's book 'The Mordecai Method' is available in Paperback and Hardback on Amazon and in Kindle format.

It Is Well

Grief affects us all at some point in our lives but what do you do when it comes unexpectedly?

How do you cope when the rug is pulled from beneath your feet and you are thrown into the turmoil of grief filled pain?


Hannah explores her journey through unexpected grief, looking at what helped her to persevere through this time. She weaves in the story of the Shunammite woman from 2 Kings 4 as she speaks through what it means to ride the waves of grief and to find contentment in the midst of pain. Hannah expresses how in the midst of difficulty we can truly say 'It Is Well' regardless of the pain.


Grief affects us all but we don't always take the time to fully grieve and work through what we are facing. This books gives some practical guidance on how to do this.


At the end of each chapter Hannah gives some reflective questions to help you process through what you are facing which could be used individually or in a group setting.

Hannah's book 'It Is Well' is available on Amazon and Kindle.

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