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  • Hannah Williamson

Finding God in the Margins - book review

I LOVED this book. Carolyn Custis James has written a fair amount of books and if you wanted an expanded version of this, you should definitely read 'The Gospel of Ruth' (I will do a book review on that at some point!). The book had so much depth to it and felt so relevant to life today.

The book encounters refugees, poverty, hunger, women's right, male power and privilege, discrimination and injustice. Pretty much a depiction of our world today. Unpacking the story of Ruth it looks at the richness in the Word of God and how it is still relevant to our lives today. It helps us understand the radical love of God the father, always working behind the scenes to save our world.

At the end of each chapter there are questions and spaces to reflect which I love. It's ideal for using with a small group as it's not too long.

I will leave you with just one of my favourite quotes...

But it is here - in the mess, amid losses, despair, darkness and frightening possibilities - that God is marvellously at work in the most unlikely ways through the most unexpected agents.

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