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  • Hannah Williamson

The Gospel of Ruth - book review

I love Carolyn Custis James' writing. Her understanding of the Bible is incredible. I wrote a review before on one of her books that is quite a short book but this book goes deeper so is definitely worth a read! As you can tell the book is based on the book of Ruth but it totally opens this small Old Testament book giving us a richness of understanding of the bigger picture of the story. It is a beautifully written book that is definitely worth a read!

Here are a few standout quotes...

Careful reexamination of the Hebrew text has effectively removed the shrink-wrap that for generations has encased Ruth. She emerges, not as the passive, deferential, demure woman we once thought we knew, but as a surprisingly gutsy risk taker.
The choices made on this historic spot will not only shape the very should of all three women, they will alter the course of Israel's history and advance the redemptive purposes of God.
Ruth stands out among all the biblical narratives as a powerful example of a person whose faith in God emboldens her with stunning courage.
The story line narrows from a wider national tapestry to a slender thread where one woman's choices, initiative and leadership have global repercussions and work food for all of us.

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