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  • Hannah Williamson

Awakening Cry - Pete Greig

This is one of Pete's older books and so I grabbed a 2nd hand copy but I am so glad I read this!! This book held a prophetic edge to it which I found so profound particularly for the times within which we live. If you have an interest in revival, you will love this book! Some stand out quotes:

'Any gospel which engages hearts and saves shouls without transforming society, falls short of the gospel of Jesus displayed in Scripture.'
'It is no coincidence that many prayer warriors have known a great deal of personal pain, and this has somehow refined their faith and focused their eyes on eternity in a way that makes Satan tremble.'
'Young people have a remarkable spiritual pedigree and are to be found at the heart of every major move of God through history.'

There are so many more quotes I could have chosen....go buy a copy of the book!

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