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  • Hannah Williamson

Exegeting the city - Sean Benesh

Updated: May 24, 2022

A small book giving a great understanding of the importance of understanding 'cities' if we are going to plant churches in them. Although the context was American I found that many of the traits of the changing city was similar to London. The book stated, which I believe to be true, that the world we live in is influenced by what happens in the cities. This has certainly been true of youth culture from what I have observed and experienced. I found it facinating to consider how cities are being reinvented, renewed and improved and how gentrification is taking place. The book suggests that when planting a church, if you are to move into an area that is already facing change you are putting yourself in a great position to be part of that change. The book challenged my thoughts on partnering with a local community to bring the light of Jesus through helping to transform it. This certainly challenges us to step out of the doors of our churches and get into the places of influence! Possibly one of my favourite quotes was 'I see Christians and churches embodying a more incarnational presence with the neighbourhood, seeking its shalom and being more organic in their liturgical expression. They are intentionally identifying with the poor and marginalized. These kinds of churches are needed becasuse they reflect the dynamics of their neighbourhoods.'

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