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  • Hannah Williamson

Strengthening the soul of your leadership

Updated: May 24, 2022

Ruth Haley Barton

A high quality book helping us ensure our souls are healthy. I loved the way that Ruth Barton explored the life of Moses throughout the book, helping us to gain insights into his leadership journey. When talking of Moses she says, 'He did not seem to have any great strategies for leadership except to seek God in solitude and then carry out what God revealed to him there.' - I know for me personally, I am trying to live more like that as I press forward into the future! Another great quote: 'One of the most important rhythms for a person in ministry is to establish a constant back-and-forth motion between engagement and retreat - times when we are engaged in the battle, giving our best energy to taking the next hill, and times when we step back in order to gain perspective, restrategise and tend our wounds - an inevitability of life in ministry.'

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