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  • Hannah Williamson

The Gender Revolution - Book Review

This is one of my go-to books when it comes to gaining a good theological understanding of why I believe women can and should lead. On the front cover, the sub-heading of this book is 'Emancipating women and empowering the church.' Alan's journey is of someone who did not believe that women should lead but had a turn around in his mind of what he believes. He is one of the greatest bible teachers I know so you can be sure that you are reading something that he has taken hours to study. Although packed with theological truth, this book is not a difficult read and so I would encourage church leaders to read it. Often when I book is written about a particular people group (in this case women) it can be easy to ignore as it doesn't always affect our lives but I would implore church leaders to read this and to review the viewpoint of women in leadership. I don't think it's enough to say, 'it doesn't affect me' because it does. Half the church (if not more in some!) are women and I strongly believe if we won't empower women to be all they are called to be we are limiting ourselves as the church.

This book digs into some of the controversial passages in the bible which have been surrounded by confusion. I realise more and more that this is a subject that needs addressing and so I would definitely encourage you to read it! Of course I am biased....I am a woman....and a woman who leads, but regardless of that I think its needed. I was challenged a few years back to be sure of what I believe and so wanted to ensure I understood how to respond if I was faced with people who did not believe I should lead. This book helped me to have a deeper basis for my beliefs.

Some of my favourite quotes....

Men and women are different but neither gender has the ability to fully reveal God's image alone.
Together they were given leadership over every living thing, over the sea, over all creation. Man and woman were joined with God in ruling the world.
Today in China, 80% of all the house churches are led by women. The renowned missionary, Gladys Aylward was turned down by every missionary society, so this little women went to China on her own and powerfully wrote some history.

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