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  • Hannah Williamson

The Making of a Leader - Book Review

I found this book particularly helpful in the past few years where I was spending a little more time reviewing where I was at and how best to move forward into all I knew God was calling me to be. I had become 'stuck' in a particular place and was confused by all that was going on. It caused me to begin questioning where I was at and even if I should continue leading. This book was suggested to me by my Uncle and I read it finding at certain points in my mind I would just sigh with relief thinking 'oh, this is why I am feeling like I am!' This book takes you through the different life stages as a leader, helping you to recognise where you are at and how you can better grow and develop at the stage you find yourself at.

Here are a few of my favourite quotes;

'A leader who repeatedly demonstrates that God speaks to him gains spiritual authority.'
'A dander sign indicating a plateaued leader is a lack of enthusiasm for challenging and recruiting potential leaders. A growing leader, on the other hand, stimulates the emergence of potential leaders.'
'God's call to a leader to increase his faith in ministry is one of the strongest challenges a leader will face. Faith challenged almost always stretch one beyond his present understanding.'
'Negative preparation involves Gods use of events, people, conflict, persecution and experiences that focus on the negative, in order to free a person from the present situation to enter the next phase of development with revitalised interest.'

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