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  • Hannah Williamson

The Rise of Christianity - Rodney Stark

A both infuriating and fascinating book all in one! This book was written by a sociologist talking of how he believed that Christianity grew. In some ways frustrating as he was trying to explain a spiritual miracle in a non spiritual way which doesn't really work. But as you read you can't help but conclude that God has always been at work.

What was most fascinating was:

  1. The chapter about how epidemics/virus'/plagues increased the spread of Christianity due to Christian charity.

  2. The vital role of women and how their freedom was different to many other religions.

The book concludes with saying how the biggest shocker about 'this religion' is in how christians loved their enemies. Stark states that this was what made christians stand out as different. I guess that's the whole point of the cross right? Loving an entire world, enemies and all!

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