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  • Hannah Williamson

The Shaping of things to Come

Updated: May 24, 2022

Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch

This book was hefty but full of great things to challenge you to mission within the world in which we live. As I read I was constantly challenged to think outside of the box, looking beyond what I have known or done before to reach people with the gospel. Michael and Alan talk about the current state of the church, what incarnational ecclesiology could look like, how we as the church need to look more like Jesus and what Apostoilc leadership could look like in our time. A few stand out quotes: 'Instead of asking non-Chrisitans to 'come-to-us', to our services, our gatherings and our programmes on our terms, the incarnational church seeks to infiltrate society to represent Christ in the world.' | 'If He (Jesus) is deeply involved in the mess of history and doesn't shirk from a deep involvement in human affairs, then neither should we.' | 'Authentic visionary leadership: it is this capacity to articulate a preferred future based on a common moral vision that allows people to dream again.'

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